SandDollar1Welcome to NexCruise. Our goal is simple, to offer you the best deal with exceptional customer service. NexCruise is also and interline agency having access to exclusive rates for Airline, FAA, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Amtrak employees

We currently work with many of the leading Cruise Lines. Whatever your budget, we can find the right cruise for you and your family.

Why book with NexCruise?

We have access to exclusive rates and promotions that are not advertised by the cruise lines and not available to other travel agencies. And that’s not all. Unlike many other travel agencies, at NexCruise we never charge a booking or administrative fee. You pay your cruise rate and that’s it.

If your company or association has partnered with us, you can even earn additional perks. This extra perk is our way of saying “thank you” for doing business with us. These perks are not offered by the cruise lines and are exclusive to NexCruise. Even if you booked your cruise already directly with the cruise line, we may still be able to take care of you. Simply click on the “already booked?” link and learn how.

Contact us today and let us book your next cruise!