Most guests are not aware that booking directly with NexCruise has enormous benefits.  Here we answer your question as to why you should book with us when you take your next cruise.

Q.  Why should I book with NexCruise instead of simply calling the cruise line directly and booking with them?

A.  Simple.  There are many reasons why you should book with us, and if you are a past guest of ours you know exactly why.

Not only do we guarantee the lowest rate but we have access to additional perks and amenities that you will not get by booking directly with the cruise lines.  Whatever promotion the cruise line is offering we can offer you… and even more!

Have you ever asked your cruise line if you they could give you an onboard credit or a bottle of red wine?  If you ever asked them you know the answer.  Now, If the cruise line is having a promotion where they are giving you a $25, $50 or $100 onboard credit, give us a call.  We will not only match that, but offer you an additional onboard gift or offer you more onboard credit.

Have you already booked directly with a cruise line?  No worries…  click here to learn how we may help.  If you haven’t booked yet give us a call or send us an email.  Let us show you the NexCruise Advantage.