So why will you benefit by booking with NexCruise?  There are a few reasons:

#1 No Booking Fee – Many travel agencies will charge you a booking fee.  Now, they may call it a “service fee” or “administrative fee.”  Whatever they call it, it’s extra money you shouldn’t be paying.  At NexCruise we never charge you a booking fee.

Some travel agencies will also charge you a cancellation fee even though you are canceling your reservation outside of penalty.  Are you serious?  Yep.  At NexCruise we never charge you any additional fees!

#2 Lowest Rate Guarantee – At NexCruise we guarantee that you are getting the lowest rate available at the time you make your reservation.  We are directly connected to all major cruise lines and we have access to every rate and promotion.

#3 Exclusive Onboard Perks and Amenities – At NexCruise we try to exceed your expectations by offering additional perks whenever available.  It’s our way of saying “Thank You” for doing business with us.  If your company or association has partnered with us, then you may have access to even more goodies.

#4 Exclusive Rates and Promotions – NexCruise has access to some very exclusive promotions that not all travel agencies have access to.  From time to time we also setup special deals with the cruise lines to offer to our guests.

#5 Service that goes Above and Beyond – 24/7 availability.  Simply email us at or call us toll free at 888-543-1193.

So why should you book with NexCruise instead of booking directly with the Cruise Lines? Click here and learn why.